Witherby Howe is the consutling branch of Keystone, based in the Sunshine Coast in British Coulmbia. We offer consulting, design and training services to help the business ecosystem thrive in harmony with the natural ecosystem. We develop profitable solutions to complex environmental and social problems at any scale to help organizations become Keystone Species.

Consulting services for governments, companies and investors on
    o Solving complex environmental and social impact problems
    o Designing and integrating profitable impact projects
    o Assembling teams and consortia for developing impact solutions and projects
    o Facilitation of high-performance teams for solving complex problems
    o Stakeholder alignment
Design services for
    o Systemic frameworks for impact projects
    o Urban design and architecture projects
    o Energy, water, agriculture and forestry projects
Training for teams
    o Sustainability
    o Complex problems solving
    o Leadership development
    o Management skills