Keystone Ventures is a private think tank dedicated to finding solutions to the environmental crisis. We excel at understanding and designing systems and systemic interventions to solve very large-scale, very complex problems with social, economic and environmental impact. We work to create a better future on three levels: Planet-scale impact projects (Consulting), region/place-scale impact (Design) and personal impact (Training). 

The keystone is the stone at the center of an arch. Without it, the arch collapses. In Nature, Keystone Species are those that have a strong influence on their ecosystem and are crucial to the abundance, diversity and prosperity of the rest of the species in it. Without them, their ecosystem collapses. Our objective is that Humans become a Keystone Species that does not just have a lower environmental impact, but that has a positive impact to the point of being crucial to the prosperity of its ecosystem. To this end, we design the future with a systemic approach that enables synergies among the natural, social and economic components of the system.