Since 2015 in our company, Keystone (Proyectos Keystone, S.C.) we have worked on consulting projects around the key problems for very large cities of water, urban development and transportation:

Our newest project:

2121, Innovative Transportation International Competition

In alliance with a number of key partners, Keystone will launch in 2021 an international competition for innovative transportation systems that can eliminate direct emissions from urban and suburban commutes, double the speed of urban transit, cut in half the cost of commuting, mitigate the problem of housing affordability and change the face of present and future cities to make them greener and more prosperous for all. 

2015, West Rivers

In 2015, we designed a process for increasing the supply of water to Mexico City by repairing the rivers west of the city. We thereafter obtained the largest water private concession in the history of Mexico City, and the NGO we founded has been operating a pilot project for regenerating two rivers to produce treated water for Mexico City.


2015-2016, Tarango

Consulting on a net-positive-impact business strategy for developing 400 hectares of land in Mexico City, including legal strategy, sustainability strategy and innovative transportation solutions.


2016, Xochimilco Regeneration

In collaboration with Rebuild by Design and 100 Resilient Cities who were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, we designed for the Government of Mexico City the plan for the environmental and social regeneration of Xochimilco, a key UNESCO World Heritage Site for Mexico encompassing the famous “floating gardens” traditional agriculture system in continuous operation for at least 1000 years. This project included developing, with the Mexico City Secretariat of the Environment (SEDEMA), Fundacion Mexicana para el Desarrollo Rural and others, a private initiative for a site to spearhead the regeneration of the ecology, traditional agriculture and sustainable tourism in Xochimilco.


2017-2018, Tacubaya REIT

For the Government of Mexico City and a group of private investors, we developed a plan and executed the key negotiations for the legal, financial, real estate and social guidelines to regenerate and re-densify the key central neighborhood of Tacubaya in Mexico City.


2017-2018, Xochimilco Water Plan

 In association with the Dutch company Deltares, we were contracted by the Government of Mexico City to develop a plan for restoring the water system of the wetlands of the south of Mexico City. This area has been occupied by the Xochimilco “floating gardens” for over 1000 years and it is the source of one-third of Mexico City’s potable water.


2018-2019, Forestry Platform

IT platform to integrate the value chain of sustainable forestry in the Yucatan Peninsula through blockchain and other technologies.


2018-2019, Calakmul City for Tren Maya

Right before the new Federal Government of Mexico took power, they recruited Keystone as a consultant for the Tren Maya project in the Yucatán Peninsula. Our main work with the Federal Government was to develop the conceptual desing and  design guidelines for the first of up to 10 new sustainable cities to be designed and built as part of the Tren Maya project.


2017-2019, PRT for Mexico

We believe Personal Rapid Transit ("PRT") will revolutionize the way we do urban and suburban transit and the way we build cities. PRT system has the potential to transform urban development and real estate by providing elevated, high-speed, personal, point-to-point transit for urban and interurban routes. We have made proposals for PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) routes in Cancun and Mexico City, and for the “Tren Maya”, the flagship project of the present Federal Government of Mexico.  Our technology partners have postponed delivery of their commercial product to focus on the high-end, high-performance segment of the PRT market expected to grow exponentially after 2021. Keystone has accordingly adjusted its dates for introduction of PRT in Mexico.


2020, Town Factory

During 2020, Keystone is worked on its real estate supply chain integration platform as the new “center of gravity” for its urban development and transportation strategies..