‚ÄčThe keystone is the central stone that supports an arch. Keystone Species are species that are crucial to the prosperity, abundance and diversity of their ecosystem. African elephants are a prime example: their ecosystem would suffer greatly without the water, energy and nutrients that they make available to other species.

Humans can become a Keystone Species.


We design for a future Earth inhabited by 10 billion people. Our focus is on projects that have high impact and require the creation of high environmental, social and financial value. 

We detonate exponential businesses by turning big problems into big, profitable opportunities.

We work on solving the big problems of our times by applying a systems approach. There is a prosperous future ahead, in which Humans thrive in partnership with Nature. We are designing that future, today.

We turn complex problems into opportunities


We are experts at detonating creativity and at managing high-performance teams of experts for tackling big problems. 

We are experts at integrating stakeholders by aligning their interests. 

We assemble ad hoc teams of experts and lead them in participatory processes to create innovative systemic solutions for the future.


The Earth has been alive for nearly 4 billion years. It has survived 5 mass extinctions. Life has evolved and adapted. We Humans have been here for only 200,000 years, and in the last 200 we have done massive damage to our ecosystems. The environmental crisis is a call to action. We can solve it with a new approach.


Many of today's big problems are caused by a lack of systems thinking. Systems thinking takes into account relationships among parts and systems and respects the unpredictability of Complex Systems. 

Keystone Species work and co-evolve within and with their system. At Keystone, we read problems as systems that we then redesign to turn the problem into an opportunity.